Sunday, June 07, 2009

Day Camp Report

Thank you for praying for the day camp!   We were amazed as each day went great and more kids ended up coming.. we ended up having 29-37 kids each day!  The last two days it rained and was cold ~ but we had plenty of room for the younger children in our house and the older ones at the youth center.   They enjoyed the songs, games, crafts, Bible story, review games and of course snack time.   On Friday I asked David what his favorite part of the camp was.. he replied 'the chocolate choco pies'  :) hmmmm yeah.  But I think he also learned a few things.

These little souls truly touch my heart.  So many were from alcoholic families, don't even know who their father is.. just sad situations.  Yet the hope they have in Jesus who can break addictions and let people walk in freedom ~ what a chance to share that with them when they are young.
The last day we had a ceremony and gave each child a certificate, prizes, and a children's Bible.
David chasing the Bible teacher Olga during one of the games
Rachel enjoying a game of freeze tag
The younger children during craft time
The zip-line was a huge hit
I asked these brothers/sister if I could take their picture together.. afterward she was so thrilled and said 'I've NEVER had my picture taken before!!!!'
Ice cream break!!
Johanna and her new friend Vika ~ they were hilarious together... Johanna would non-stop to her in English, and Vika would just stare wide eyed and smile back!  
HOORAY  for a wonderful day camp!  Today we ended up having 12 kids show up for Sunday School.  We had been trying to have a children's bible story right before our regular Bible study.. but the only kids that ever showed up were our 4.  So we were thrilled that so many came today, and hope they continue to come throughout the summer.

One neat story ~ down the street there is a family that sells fresh eggs.  I knew they had a little boy and invited him to come to camp, but the parents did not seem interested.  Friday evening I walked over to buy eggs and when I handed the Father the money he just said 'oh no I want to give you these eggs, my son has had a wonderful time at your house this week, thank you so much.  Vlad told us all about the stories and everything you taught him.'  Isn't that the best?!?!  We're rejoicing!   And just three more weeks until the team arrives from the States to do the summer tent camps ~ so don't stop praying for us! 

Monday, June 01, 2009

Day Camp

Today we had the start of the first ever Day Camp held at our home!!  We were SO EXCITED to have 29 children show up!    We were expecting no more than a dozen children as parents are very leery of letting their children attend anything associated with the Bible.   Oh me of little faith  :)  Please continue to pray as this entails quite a bit of work, and it will continue every day through Friday.  It's between 1:00pm - 5:00pm so it's a super opportunity to invest in these young lives.   James, Olga and Ksenya did a fantastic job ~ pray for them to continue to have wisdom in teaching.
Olga did such a great job with the games!
Snack time ~ sausage & cucumber sandwiches.. the Russian equivalent of pb & j

a sweaty Caleb listening intently to his Bible story teacher
Rachel's group having their Bible lesson
Johanna LOVED it and made a sweet new friend named Vika.  

In other news we had a fantastic Pastor from Tajikistan visit us over the weekend.  He was scheduled to speak at a church in Moscow on Sunday morning.. so he said 'gather your youth and I'll share with them Saturday night.'  James said he was the most powerful speaker he had ever heard in Russia.  The meeting started at 8:00pm and went to 4:30am!!   I'll confess James came home at 2:30am :)   He shared his personal testimony of being saved in prison and then also many amazing stories of Christians suffering for their faith in Tajikistan.    I can't tell you how neat it is to see these young people who a year ago were getting drunk every Saturday night and now want to stay up listening to a man talk about God!  Hooray for changed lives!!  

In personal news.. our last day of school was Friday and we had an enormous celebration with large quantities of ice cream and chocolate.   The kids are doing great and love to spend ever waking moment outside riding bikes or laying in the grass staring at bugs (David can do this for literally hours.. it cracks me up).  Thank you for your continued prayers for our family!

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