Thursday, January 07, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Today is Orthodox Christmas and we've had a wonderful celebration of our Savior's birthday. In the words of Caleb 'Jesus is so important HE gets two birthdays' :) May you be filled with AWE today to think that God is with us ~ Emmanuel. James, Ksenya & Olga are visiting poor families and giving out fruit and gifts. Pray they will be able to share Christ with these people.
We went sledding and for a glorious walk in the woods ~ it was -14 and James & I were freezing.. I think our kids are half polar bears and they kept begging us to stay out for another hour.
Our most beloved Dadushka (Grandfather) came over to bring us homemade raspberry jam and pumpkins. We adore him.
Johanna runs to him screaming 'my Dadushka, I lubs you!!!'
The ballet school Rachel goes to had a special Yolitchka or New Year's tree program. (Because Christmas wasn't celebrated for almost 75 years everything focuses on New Year's ~ New Year's tree, New Year's presents etc.) Here Caleb just got done shaking hands with a snowman and Johanna is in the red dress ~ she was very impressed with everything.
The teachers dressed up and did songs and dances.
Here's our kids with the cast of characters ~ Doesn't David look thrilled to be there?! He actually had a great time.
Johanna at the playground
Caleb at the beloved sliding hill ~ a very fast sheet of ice.. he loves it and could happily spend all day here regardless of -18 temperatures
David at the hill and Johanna & James in the background
Our sweet dog Nida trying to give David a kiss
David is always so sweet to his little sis
Rachel and Nida
David, Rachel and her friend Svieta playing in the snow

God bless each of you as you enter a New Year. May each of our lives bring Glory to God!

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