Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you for your prayers!

It's been a wonderful week here in Kerrville, Texas.  All the medical tests have gone great.  Thank you so much for your prayers for our family.  James and the kids have had a very COLD week in Russia ~ down to -28 one night and the electricity was out for most of one day.  It's been fun to talk with the kids every day on skype and hear they're doing okay and be told by Caleb  'oh yeah Mom we're doing great.. we've eaten nothing but popcorn and pelmini for three whole days!!'  :)  James is the greatest Dad in the world just for the record.

Please remember me in your prayers as I fly back on Tuesday.  I'm a bit nervous as I fly out of Washington D.C and they've had quite a bit of snow the past two days.. praying the airport is up and running on schedule by then.

This past week I've been able to spend time with my mother-in-law's new friend Doug Robinson.  They were engaged last week and I'm so very happy to see this new gift God has brought into her life.  Doug is a very kind, Godly, and loving man and it's such a blessing to see how happy they are together.  So just thought I'd post a picture of the two lovebirds. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update & Prayer Requests

I wanted to ask for your prayers as I (Susan) will be headed to the States for a week.  I'll be leaving this Sunday and returning the 22nd.   I'll be getting some scans done and and just checking to make sure everything is good after my thyroid surgery.  Mainly pray for James as he holds down the fort with of course Rachel's help ~ trust me Rachel runs a very, very tight ship!   Pray I won't miss everyone too much.. I don't know what I'll do with myself alone for a whole week! 

I've been wanting to post about the girl's birthdays.  Johanna turned four in October.  I had warned James for months I would be an emotional basketcase.   I did NOT want my baby to grow up.. I did not want her to stop saying "I lubs you Mommy'.  I wanted forever to hear her little chipmunk voice yelling from the bathroom  'will SOMEbody wipe me!!!!'  She is the sweetest thing ever and I love, love, love three year olds; it's seriously the perfect age.  But alas I can't stick her in a time capsule so I try to squeeze out every single moment of every day.  And four isn't too bad either! :)
This is what you get when you tell her to smile..
she's got him tied around her finger.. trust me!
She was so very proud of Hermie the caterpillar she made for her birthday

Also on December 4th Rachel turned 11!  We had so much fun celebrating!!  She invited her entire ballet class over for ice cream cake and games and all 14 of them showed up!  
She made her own brownie ice cream cake
Johanna & Rachel bring so much joy to our lives.. I sometimes can't believe God would bless me with such healthy amazing children who teach ME so very much.  

In other news.. the Bible studies are going very well.  We had a man ring our doorbell Sunday morning that wanted James to take him to the drug/alcohol rehabilitation center.  It was so neat because James had know him for 5 years and had been witnessing to Sergei but he had never shown any interest or even come to the Bible studies.   So great to see God working in people's lives.  Pray as we have a chance to do Christmas programs at the orphanage and a home for disabled/Down syndrome children.

Thank you again for your love and everything you do for our family!!

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