Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Today Rachel & David had the celebration (sprasnicom in Russian) at the art school. They go Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 - 11:30. They do some kind of artwork or craft, play for 10 minutes in the playroom and then do some counting or alaphabet. Rachel and David love it, and we've been very thankful for the wonderful, kind teachers they have and a great chance to learn Russian.

It was so sad for me personally to see that *Christmas* is not really celebrated or the word even spoken. The first sentence of the program was 'We're here to celebrate the most wonderful celebration of the year... New Year's!!' Until 1990 no Christmas celebrations or even mention of the holiday were allowed in Russia. Anyway, all the children got up to say their little poems they had memorized.. all about Father New Year and Father Frost (their much skinnier version of Santa Claus). Rachel's teacher had asked her to sing a tradional American Christmas song during the program. Rachel was the very last child called up to recite.. she stood straight and tall and belted out ...'Come on ring those bells, everybody say, Jesus we remember this your birthday.' It was so beautiful I almost started to cry; I only wish everyone in the room could have understood what the song was saying in Russian. We had such a good talk and prayer time with the kids afterwards about why programs in America celebrate the birth of Christ, but that programs here have make up fairy tales and empty stories in order to have something to celebrate. Please pray next week on January 6th as we are having a special 'Happy Birthday Jesus' celebration at our house. We have invited all the kids friends (about 15 of them) and some of the youth are coming over to act out the Christmas story and do games with them. We're planning to have a big birthday cake and share the good news of Christ's birth with these children.

Also wanted to mention to please pray for James & Andrei on Thursday at 4:00 they are doing a big program at an orphanage. The director had given them the names of all the children and the youth made BEAUTIFUL cards for every child in the orphanage. We got each child a very nice wrapped gift and a sack of chocolate candy. Also the youth have prepared songs and a skit. It's been wonderful to see how excited the youth are about the ministry opportunities these next two weeks. I was so impressed with the cards they made and the hard work they put into the skits. Our friend Chris Brudi arrives Thursday evening - he's bringing 5,000 candy canes with him and on Saturday we're going to hand them out at the train station with a special tract that explains the gospel using the candy cane. Please keep praying for us and the country of Russia!

61 years ago today....

Today is a very spcial day for the city of Nara-Faminsk.. for eight months the city was occupied by the Nazi's - but on December 26, 1944 the German army was pushed back and the city regained it's freedom. There was a small celebration in the town square and the military had a parade. Unfortunately it was -8 and with three feet of snow not many people attended. It was neat when we were building the house James was digging in the yard and found the bayonet tip from a German rifle. When we were talking to the kids this morning about WW II, Rachel said 'boy, I wish I could have seen Grandad fighting in the war.':) We are so thankful and proud of you Grandad!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Newsletter & lots of news!!

Okay, things are too hectic and with the computer not being at the house I have resigned myself that I will not be keeping up this blog on a regular basis... for now..

The most exciting news is that we were able to purchase the house we asked you to pray about!! We are very excited. Below is a copy of our winter newsletter.

Dear praying friends & family,

'When the fullness of time was come, God brought forth His son....." I've always liked this verse when I consider that God promised a Savior and Redeemer back in Genesis 3:15 when Adam & Eve sinned. I'm sure many people waiting for the Savior to be born thought that God had forgotten them. But nothing and no one could thwart His plan for redemption. He had it all planned out and when the time was ready Christ was born. We've had an exciting month as we've seen God fulfill the desires we've had for years.. all in the fullness of HIS timing.

An AMAZING God! When we moved here three years ago we had a little dream that one day we would have a Nara-Faminsk Youth Center that would be open to youth in need 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We started out in an apartment; but that had it's limitations as the police were always visiting us and telling us that no more than 12 people could meet in the apartment at the same time. In the space of two weeks we saw the incredible hand of God move... it started with a knock on our door and a lady telling us she wanted to sell her home across the street. It was quite literally *perfect* for a youth center. One large open room, a large entryway, a bedroom, kitchen & bathroom plus a large yard that could be used for volleyball - see enclosed picture. Two weeks later we had a buyer for our apartment and extra money from a dear group of friends in Texas. We gave a downpayment on the house and the paperwork is presently being done to own a new Youth Center. We stand back in amazement as we see the fulfillment of the hopes and desires we had three years ago when we moved to Nara-Faminsk. God continues to lead, provide, and draw people to the knowledge of salvation. I wish so much we could let you 'peek in' on the Bible studies and see these young people who know nothing about God or the Bible ~ To see the darkness and hopelessness of their lives and to be able to explain to them the greatest love story every written.

Christmas Plans Please be in prayer as this time of year is extremely busy and a wonderful opportunity to share Christ. Starting Monday the 26th through Russian Christmas celebrated January 7th we will be handing out food baskets and gifts to 65 needy families and children. We received the names and addresses from the city administration. In addition we will be visiting a children's hospital, the military base to give gifts to some children who are invalids, and an orphanages to hand out gifts, candy and fruit. Please pray that every conversation we have with these children and families will be a God-given chance to share the gift of salvation with them.

We will also be showing the film 'Luther' in a school auditorium the evenings of January 4th and 5th. We had permission to rent the largest auditorium in the city (seats 1000) but last week we were told of a new law that went into affect this week that forbids religious non-profit organization from renting a public facility and having any type of programs. It was a huge disappointment at first, but we are praying that showing the film in a smaller setting will allow us a chance to talk with people afterwards. Please remember us in prayer during these very busy weeks. Much work and preparation have gone into these plans and we are praying for God's blessing on each endeavor.

A New Pair of Socks Last night after the Bible study James came home with a new pair of warm hand knit socks. Sergei, a young man that was saved during the summer camp, had brought them to James from his Mother. Sergei's mother has been an alcoholic for the last 8 years; she has rarely gone outside her apartment or held a paying job. James had talked with her and told her he would pray that God would deliver her from alcoholism. Sergei came to the Bible study and told James his mother has not touched alcohol for over a month. He said she could not believe the change in her son's life and wants the same *miracle* for her own. When James had gone to visit her and took off his shoes, he had a big hole in his sock.... so she had made him a new pair of socks :) Praising God for new socks and a new life in Christ!

Family News Rachel celebrated her 7th birthday last week... I am feeling VERY, very old!! We had a wonderful birthday party with seven of her friends. We are so thankful for Rachel and her tender, loving heart. She teaches her parents so much of the ways of God. I'll never forget this summer walking to the store with her right after a big national holiday. We walked by three drunk men who had passed out near the side-walk. They were covered with vomit and smelled terrible. I walked by thinking 'I wish they would find another street to pass out in.... I feel so bad my children have to see stuff like this..' When we reached the store I looked down and Rachel had big tears in her eyes. When I asked her what was wrong, she replied, 'Oh Mommy, we have to pray for those men, without Jesus they'll never be able to say no to alcohol.' My heart was so convicted I couldn't even answer her... I walked by a self absorbed 'Pharisee', but Rachel walked by and had Jesus' heart for these men. When you have little ones around you understand so clearly 'Unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.' It's amazing how much you can learn from your children!

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to each of you who stand with us in prayer and giving. 'For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.' So many of you have your heart here in Russia with us and we are so grateful for you. May the Prince of Peace give you peace in your souls as you reflect on all He has done. 'For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all people.' Luke 2:30

Rejoicing in Him,
James, Susan, Rachel, David, Caleb and Johanna Joy

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow! we had such an incredible day... first of all it's not easy finding turkey for sale here - we found some at a fancy supermarket near the American Embassy and a nice Honeysuckle turkey was going for $9.00 a pound (hmm we certainly have taught them the meaning of capitalism :).. anyway, we finally found a small package of *turkey fillets* for sale but I wasn't sure how to cook them?? So James decided to fire up our little grill and grill them outside. The kids all thought this was a total blast.. the best part of the day - playing outside and FIRE! We came in and sang songs and talked about all our blessings.. and then ate way more than one human being should eat in a given day. God has blessed us so so much.. four healthy children and His presence in our lives. Sending our love and Thanksgiving Day sugar to all our loved ones!! We're so thankful for YOU!!

Sweetest little Pilgrim around...

The kids loved making pilgrim hats... and Johanna enjoyed her very first Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

prayer request

Wanted to ask you to pray for James as he has a really important decision to make in the next few days. Last week our neighbor rang our doorbell and told us she was selling her house and if we knew anyone who was interested to please let her know. James went over to look at the house and said it would be *perfect* for a youth center. So he decided to stop at a realtor and just see how much we could sell the youth center apartment for.. the very next day the realtor brought over a buyer who wanted to buy our apartment on the spot! Wow! We told the buyer we needed to think things over... the house would have a larger room to meet in, plus a large bedroom (for Andrei to live in) a kitchen, bathroom and large entryway. It has city septic and water, gas heat and a phone. All this for only $2000 more than we would sell the apartment for.. So we really need God's wisdom. We feel like He is leading, it would be very nice not to have the police bothering us and the neighbors complaining about all the youth hanging out in the entryway. Any thoughts/advice anyone has would be appreciated! Ohh, and it's a great location - five minute walk from our apartment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

catching up...

Well it's been ages since I had time to write.. to explain, we moved into the house which has no phone so in order to get on the internet I have to go over to the youth center apartment and use the computer there. Anyway, Johanna is growing like a weed! Weighs 10 lbs and has a great double chin going for her. She's wonderful and smiley AS LONG AS she is being held... the perfect lap baby is there ever was one. Fortunately Rachel and David love to hold her so I usually have a free lap. Rachel loves to walk around singing to her - today I heard in her beautiful voice 'I love you Johanna, I will always take care of you when you are old, don't worry we will never give you away. mia loobimiya..' This was all sung to the tune of Edelweis from the sound of music.

We are really hoping it will snow soon - snow is much more interesting to play in.. Rachel & David continue to go every Tues & Thurs. to the art school (only 1 1/2 hours). They love it and our fridge is covered with paintings. They had a special fall program last week. Just got a phone call that a certain sweet baby is awake and in need of food - how is that possible when she just ate?? Oh well... till next time

Monday, October 31, 2005

Let it snow!!

Well it's been a bit crazy the past week.. they were working on the electricity in our city so all of last week the electricity was down somewhere which affected our internet... a whole week with no internet!!! i thought I would go crazy! :)

Last Monday we got a wonderful snowstorm.. the kiddos were ecstatic and crazy with joy. They spent all morning running around with shovels, building snowmen and snowtrees and catching snowflakes in their mouth. I had intended to go outside and take more pictures, but somehow got distracted... anyway, will include a picture of Caleb soon - something about a two foot 2 year old in a snowsuit that is just too cute for words!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

We are alive!

Yes we're alive and well... just not phone & internet connected at the house. (how did Hudson Taylor every survive?? :) We got moved into the house and hardly know what to do at night laying in a quiet bedroom without our neighbor's pounding techno-pop until 3:00 am :) The kids absolutely love the attic - one big room with a rough wooden floor - they run, jump rope and Caleb rides on his little plastic motorcycle all day long.

Johanna is the sweetest most content baby ever in the history of babies!! I told James the other day if she was any *better* I'd start to wonder if she had a sin nature :) j/k really... She just sleeps and eats and loves to cuddle on your chest in a little ball. She hasn't received much lovings from her siblings lately as everyone has been sick. Rachel got a terrible cough/croup... and then Monday a stomach virus?? (food poisoning?) struck David & Caleb... it always amazes me how you can have three very large plastic containers surrounding your four year old and yet he somehow misses them and throws up all over the blankets - four times!... anyway, it was almost funny as we went through every blanket we had and ended up sleeping under flannel sheets that night.

Quote of the day - Rachel praying at lunch 'Please help Johanna to grow up strong and healthy, and please help winter to come very, very soon!' We did see a few snowflakes yesterday which prompted squeals of joy from Rachel... she can't wait to go sledding. No other news.. will try to post pic tomorrow.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Brothers and Sisters

Well I had a quiet restful day.. Johanna's on quite the 'schedule' - sleep all day and awake last night til 3:00 am :0. The kids really enjoyed giving their baby 'Jo-Jo' some lovings today.

Rachel was so sweet.. she looked up and said 'Wow, now we're a big family!'

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rachel finally gets a sister!

Here's a few more pictures..

Safe arrival of Johanna Joy!!

She's here!! Friday night around 10 pm precious Johanna arrived safe and healthy. She weighed 8lb 3 oz, 21 inches long. The birth story is a very *long* story.. But the short version is that Dr. James got the unique privilege of delivering her! He did a fantastic job, and the Russian midwife arrived about 15 minutes later to finish up the job. Although circumstances that happened during the birth are certainly not what we would have planned for beforehand.. we could not help but praise God afterwards that every detail of the birth was wonderful and we know planned by her Creator.

We chose the name Johanna because we loved the meaning 'God is Gracious' - that seemed to be the theme for us this year through sometimes difficult circumstances.. God was always present and always gracious to us. Our special verse for Johanna came from Numbers 6:24-26 'The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.' We are praying this for the life of precious Johanna Joy. We also like the name in Russian.. pronouced 'Yo-anna' or you can even call her Yanna or Yanitchka.

The kids were SO excited to hear that their baby sister had finally arrived. Rachel carassed her hair, kissed her toes & hands and proclaimed her 'the sweetest, cutest baby she'd ever seen.' David took a long look at her and asked 'are you sure it's not a boy?? It looks like a boy?' Caleb got so excited he ran around and promptly poked his finger in Johanna's eye... but then he did manage to slow down enough to give her some sweet kisses on the top of her head.

Thank you to those who were praying for us!! It means SO much to know that people were praying for us during the birth. Here's a few pictures.. but more will come tomorrow I promise. (actually the pics didn't turn out too great.. sorry we were just a bit busy today though :)

James, Susan, Rachel, David, Caleb & Johanna Joy

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

School pictures

First of all I have to apologize for the horrendous spelling mistakes in the blog!! I need to slow down and use spell check.. Anyway, I really do know how to spell, sorta...

I dressed up the kiddos last week and took them out for their yearly 'school pictures'. It was lots of fun.

Catching up...

Wow.. lots has happened in the past week, sorry for not keeping updated. The Bibles studies always seem to increase in numbers as young people who have spent the summer at their 'dachas' come back to the city and start school. We've had some new faces which is exciting. We're also praying fervently that we can somehow find a place to rent.. our neighbors are very kind, but having 25 youth smoking outside our apartment is not appreciated. Pray for wisdom for us to know how to deal with so many different situations that arise!

Sunday was D-DAY!!! My due date came and went with a few contractions... but nothing to get excited about. James & I were laughing last night about the extreme difference in expecting your first child and #4 - when I was expecting Rachel and had those first contractions I got out the video camera, called at least a dozen people and freshened up my make-up.... last week when I had a few contractions I immediately cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen floor and threw a casserole together (this was at midnight:) Hmmmmmm

The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't remember such a beautiful fall in the last 8 years. Very dry, sunny and beautiful colors. I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with the kids outside walking and collecting leaves. Rachel and I were looking out the window as I was thinking 'oh, I wish this weather could last another 2 months!!'.. just then Rachel sighed and said 'I can't wait for snow to come!' Oh my, I am trying hard to not think about getting four kids into snowsuits....

We are slowly moving into the house.. James tries to take a load or two every day in his free time. It sure makes it nice to only be 5 minutes away! I'll make sure and post some more pictures when we actually get moved in.

Quote of the day: yesterday as Rachel was putting away the laundry 'Mommy, when you die can I have all your clothes??' I have to start writing down stuff, David says hilarious stuff every day... last night eating supper we had a fascinating conversation about the baby 'coming out'.

Well nap time is almost over so need to run... thanks to all that care enough about us to read this & pray for us!!! Lots of love and sugar being sent over the internet.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Playing on the playground

Wanted to post these pics I took last week at the playground in front of our apartment. Rachel could spend all day flipping herself over the high bar...

Here's precious David

I love this picture of Caleb... reminds me of the poem 'Little faces looking up, holding wonder like a cup.'

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Picnic Time!

Well this should have been posted last Sunday... but better late than never. For two weeks James & Andrei spent time trying to visit the parents, grandparents or guardians of each young person that attended the summer camp. This was more difficult that you'd imagine as almost all the youth come from alcoholic families - very sad to visit and see their home life. They invited them to attend a special picnic on the 11th. Fifteen new people ended up coming which was exciting! In Russia you don't have 'hamburgers on the grill', instead it's always 'shash-leek' similar to american shish-kabobs. Anyway, you go drive out into the woods, build a fire, put all the meat on metal rods and cook it over the fire. The children & I stayed at home, but James said everyone had a great time. Please pray as we try to start a new home Bible study with some of these parents and older people. So far our ministry here has focused on youth, but we realize we need to be available and reaching out to the entire family - pray that God will somehow direct and open doors.

Here's a few pictures to enjoy of another 'shash-leek' picnic we had at the end of summer - the Sunday before school started.

After we ate, we got a cake out and started cutting... Caleb immediately ran over and hunkered down right beside the cake watching intently as it was sliced.... his eyes never left the cake for at least 10 minutes! He was so excited to finally get a piece, walked over to a log, sat down, ate one bite and promptly dropped the plate and cake! Oh well I was nearby so the 10 second rule was in effect :) Out of all our children Caleb has one serious sweet tooth.

Here's Caleb, Rachel & David eating their hot dogs..

Here's the group during the prayer time/devotional

Caleb loves watermelon!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yet another police visit...

Today the head of the Police for our region paid us a visit. He wanted to see all of our documents, all the documents for our apartment, phone records, registration records etc. He kept asking James over and over 'Why are you here? What are you doing?' "Who are the people that come to your apartment to listen to your sermons?' James tried to explain that all they did was read the Bible together, and was there a law against that? After a long hour fruitless conversation - answering the same question over & over, the policeman finally left. It's amazing to us how rumors get started in this city.. late last night James got home and was walking up to the apartment when three ladies in their 50's stumbled by (they were very drunk). One yelled out to James 'Ohh, there goes the Satanist!' So James stopped and tried to talk to them and explain that no he wasn't a Satanist. Anyway, never a dull day...

This morning I spied a gigantic empty box beside the dumpster.. someone had bought a new fridge. We hauled the box up to the apartment and the kids had a blast coloring the outside and turning it into a *fort*. I really should have gotten a picture of the three of them inside eating their apple snack and pretending there were lions outside about to eat them. Quote of the day: David as we were out walking.. 'Wow! the sky looks so big today.' He is so much fun!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jaan's Birthday Celebration!!

What a day we had on Saturday! Our friends Dean & Olga Kershner were visiting from America, and it was Caleb's best buddy Jaan Hunsucker's 2nd birthday!! This called for a celebration... James and Andrei had plans to visit people that day, so there was no way James could go. He said I was *crazy* for driving into Moscow with 3 children and 37 weeks preggo :) But we were desperate so off we went! We had such a wonderful, special day... getting to finally meet the Kershner children for the first time and getting to watch Jaan blow out his candles while Caleb clapped enthusiastically. As you can imagine it wasn't easy getting 8 children under the age of 6 to sit & smile for a picture! So this picture is pretty pricelss - Jaan Hunsucker, David, Caleb, Harvey K, Adriel K, Irvin K, Rachel & Raia.

Rachel loved getting to hold little baby Raia .. good practice I kept thinking! When we got home, Rachel said 'I hope baby Johanna (what we're planning to call Beaird baby #4) is as cute as baby Raia' :) I just wish we could see each other more than every 14 months...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Before and after..... Here's some pictures of our new house. This is what it looked like last April 2004 when we bought the property. The whole story seemed like a miracle for us... we had prayed about someday living in a house with a yard, but at the same time we knew the best way to get to know people was to live in an apartment. Right out our apartment window we could see two rows of houses and I kept thinking well if one of those was for sale it would be so close to everyone it would be great for ministry but the kids could have a yard. One day after picking up Rachel from her art school, I decided to drive down the road where the row of houses are... as I was driving I quite literally heard a *voice* say to me, 'go ask that Grandmother over there if she knows of any houses for sale.' I stopped the car, went to ask the Grandmother and she point to the lot across the road where a house had burned down two years ago. 'I just talked to the lady who owns that lot, she's back in town and just decided to sell.' She gave the the phone number and I tried to not get excited as I saw a beautiful plot with apple & cherry trees and a big lilac tree out front. James called the lady as soon as he got home, and the next morning at 10:00 am sharp we bought the land! As we started cleaning up the property and removing the burned out house we had 5 different people stop and ask if we wanted to sell.. all offering more money than we paid.. truly one of those God at work things..

Here's Rachel, David & Caleb playing in the backyard. The house has two bedrooms, and then the attic upstairs will also be a bedroom when the kiddos get older. The yard is small, but is has lots of beautiful trees. And you look over the back fence and there's our apartment building - 5 minute walk away.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Okay, Okay.. so I vowed to at least write 3 sentences a day... well our internet server went down for a few days.. so a very good excuse!
Thursday night - Sept 1st - Caleb fell and hurt his right wrist. We could tell he was really in pain and were afraid it was broken.. so we called the ambulance. Calling the ambulance here is just another way to say a house call that costs you a whopping $1.75. Twenty minutes later the Dr. showed up, said he thought it was just a very bad sprain, but suggested we go get an x-ray. So James loaded Caleb up - totally broke my heart to see him with his arm in a splint and James wrapped him up in a big red blanket.. Caleb had tears running down his eyes while Rachel & David kissed him goodbye and we prayed for him. Anyway, PTL the x-ray showed it wasn't broken!! It took three days before Caleb started using it without crying. One thing that really cracked me up was the Friday night English lesson.. Rachel & Caleb LOVE sitting in on the lesson.. well when everyone arrived Caleb went up to each person, held out his wrapped arm and said 'ooaawah ooawah' in his most pitiful voice. Then of course every person gushed & gushed and said oh poor Caleb etc.. talk about a sympathy seeker! I asked James later if having Caleb in the class was a disturbance, and he said that no Caleb didn't make a sound the entire class - except when two youth were doing a dialogue and one said 'I like to drink milk'.. Caleb yelled out 'BA-BA' :) It should be noted that we have called the ambulance now three times... ALL three times were for Caleb - what does that tell you about his personality????? (sorry pic is fuzzy :( realized later had the wrong setting on)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Day of Knowledge! September 1st is a huge holiday here in Russia - called 'The day of knowledge' and celebrated everywhere as the first day of school. This morning we watched out the window as children and their parents & grandparents paraded to school dressed in their white blouses, dark skirts, gigantic white hair bows and everyone carrying flowers for their teachers. It amazes me every year as it seems the entire city stirs to life after a lazy summer of many people living out at their country dachas. You see lots of neighbors you haven't seen for the past two months... it truly is the day of beginning a new schedule & routine for everyone.

It was also the *official* day for Rachel to start 1st grade! I still can't believe my beautiful princess is old enough for 1st grade! Although she'd much much rather be throwing herself over a metal bar, or climbing and jumping from the jungle gym.. she did endure a piano lesson, a little math and a reading lesson. Give me strength and patience Lord!! I so many times have the little thought in the back of my mind 'what are our children doing living here??? are they going to *suffer* from having to live in Russia??' Certainly no TRUTH in the thoughts, but still a mother's heart can't help wondering sometimes.. Yesterday after the Bible study Rachel was saying goodbye to some of the youth; as her best friend Lena (age 17) was leaving Rachel yelled out the door in Russian 'remember Lena, Jesus can help you not to smoke!! I'm praying for you Lena.. promise me no more cigerettes.' Lena told James last week that she has tried to stop smoking for the last 3 years (she started when she was 10 years old), and has never been able to until this past month when Rachel told her one day as she sat smoking on the bench at the playground - 'Lena, Jesus is the only one that can help you stop smoking. If you keep smoking you're going to be very sick.' Lena said she's gone over a month without a cigarette and told James the reason was Rachel. I think the biggest blessing of living in Russia is that our whole family gets to be together and be involved TOGETHER in people's lives. It's not James' occupation to be a missionary/pastor... it's our entire family living, learning, interacting and making friends and in that God gets the glory. So when I see Rachel's heart for others all my fears and worries just fade into the background... :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lots and Lots of Friends!

Rachel, David & Caleb have had a wonderful summer playing outside our apartment at the little playground. There is very little *equipment* but lots of kids to run around playing tag, hide & seek, baby dolls, and dodge ball. Rachel has spent at least 4 hours of every sunny day flipping herself around the high bar - I can't get over her sense of balance and the boundless energy she somehow possesses.

Here's a picture of David & Caleb and their friend Dima playing cars.

Here's Caleb, Rachel, Nastya, Katya & David taking
a break to eat some yummy new apples.

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