Thursday, September 08, 2005

Okay, Okay.. so I vowed to at least write 3 sentences a day... well our internet server went down for a few days.. so a very good excuse!
Thursday night - Sept 1st - Caleb fell and hurt his right wrist. We could tell he was really in pain and were afraid it was broken.. so we called the ambulance. Calling the ambulance here is just another way to say a house call that costs you a whopping $1.75. Twenty minutes later the Dr. showed up, said he thought it was just a very bad sprain, but suggested we go get an x-ray. So James loaded Caleb up - totally broke my heart to see him with his arm in a splint and James wrapped him up in a big red blanket.. Caleb had tears running down his eyes while Rachel & David kissed him goodbye and we prayed for him. Anyway, PTL the x-ray showed it wasn't broken!! It took three days before Caleb started using it without crying. One thing that really cracked me up was the Friday night English lesson.. Rachel & Caleb LOVE sitting in on the lesson.. well when everyone arrived Caleb went up to each person, held out his wrapped arm and said 'ooaawah ooawah' in his most pitiful voice. Then of course every person gushed & gushed and said oh poor Caleb etc.. talk about a sympathy seeker! I asked James later if having Caleb in the class was a disturbance, and he said that no Caleb didn't make a sound the entire class - except when two youth were doing a dialogue and one said 'I like to drink milk'.. Caleb yelled out 'BA-BA' :) It should be noted that we have called the ambulance now three times... ALL three times were for Caleb - what does that tell you about his personality????? (sorry pic is fuzzy :( realized later had the wrong setting on)

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Phyllis said...

When Jaan saw the picture, he started trying to say "Caleb"! It sounds something like "Cay-duh." Now he keeps pointing and saying, "Vot eto Cay-duh." :-)

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