Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Day of Knowledge! September 1st is a huge holiday here in Russia - called 'The day of knowledge' and celebrated everywhere as the first day of school. This morning we watched out the window as children and their parents & grandparents paraded to school dressed in their white blouses, dark skirts, gigantic white hair bows and everyone carrying flowers for their teachers. It amazes me every year as it seems the entire city stirs to life after a lazy summer of many people living out at their country dachas. You see lots of neighbors you haven't seen for the past two months... it truly is the day of beginning a new schedule & routine for everyone.

It was also the *official* day for Rachel to start 1st grade! I still can't believe my beautiful princess is old enough for 1st grade! Although she'd much much rather be throwing herself over a metal bar, or climbing and jumping from the jungle gym.. she did endure a piano lesson, a little math and a reading lesson. Give me strength and patience Lord!! I so many times have the little thought in the back of my mind 'what are our children doing living here??? are they going to *suffer* from having to live in Russia??' Certainly no TRUTH in the thoughts, but still a mother's heart can't help wondering sometimes.. Yesterday after the Bible study Rachel was saying goodbye to some of the youth; as her best friend Lena (age 17) was leaving Rachel yelled out the door in Russian 'remember Lena, Jesus can help you not to smoke!! I'm praying for you Lena.. promise me no more cigerettes.' Lena told James last week that she has tried to stop smoking for the last 3 years (she started when she was 10 years old), and has never been able to until this past month when Rachel told her one day as she sat smoking on the bench at the playground - 'Lena, Jesus is the only one that can help you stop smoking. If you keep smoking you're going to be very sick.' Lena said she's gone over a month without a cigarette and told James the reason was Rachel. I think the biggest blessing of living in Russia is that our whole family gets to be together and be involved TOGETHER in people's lives. It's not James' occupation to be a missionary/pastor... it's our entire family living, learning, interacting and making friends and in that God gets the glory. So when I see Rachel's heart for others all my fears and worries just fade into the background... :)

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The fabric of ministry you are weaving into your children's lives is making a rich tapestry indeed.

Joy and peace,

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