Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just for fun...

It's been a good, busy week here.. we finally got some more snow and the kids have loved sliding down hills and having snow battles. It's snowing as I write and I always seem to forget how beautiful and peaceful it is to watch those big flakes fall out of nowhere... I also seem to forget the logistical nightmare of getting four children into snowsuits & boots - heh! The shutter on our camera decided to break so no pictures.. so I thought I'd post some that a friend sent - we thought them very funny and have seen many similar sights but you never want to whip out your camera and appear to be a *tourist* :) So here's a few glimpses of Russia..

This one really made us laugh.. we have this *exact* same red car we use for summer camp.. in almost the same condition :)
Here's some random things heard around our house the last few days.. I keep telling myself I have to start writing things down - the kids are so funny right now...
**Caleb praying the night after he got his cast off:
'Dear God please help me to break my arm so I can go to McDonald's with Daddy' (James had taken him to get an ice cream cone at McDonald's after he got the cast off)
**Caleb: Mommy how old are you?
M: 36
Caleb with eyes as round as saucers: 'Mommy you are SO OLD!!!! Are you gonna die tomorrow???'
**David: Mommy, would you rather have lived with the Romans or the Phoenicians??
M: very distracted .. 'ummm I'm not sure honey'
David: I would have rather lived with the Phoenicians because I think their aquaduct system was vastly superior' (I'm thinking to myself where in the world did he pick up 'vastly superior'???? and also I have no idea how to even spell Phoenicians!!! :))
**David: Mom after supper are you gonna read the catacalizmic book?
M: you mean the catachism??
David: oh yeah that thing
**Johanna was walking down the road when a sweet Grandmother stopped and asked her 'Kak Tebya Zavoot' (what is your name?). She smiled back and yelled out "SHLOPA" - which is James' pet name for her, sorta the Russian equivalent to "sweetie pie".. to which the Grandmother laughed & laughed. Johanna now goes around the house saying 'my name SHLOPA.. my name SHLOPA.. my name SHLOPA'
Remember a merry heart is good medicine.. this is especially important when one begins to get SO OLD! :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Caleb Update: HOORAY!

Thanks for praying for Caleb! He got his cast of Tuesday and the Dr. said it was completely healed and was straight and strong. Here's a picture of the wounded soldier... (think he could use a haircut??? :)
James came home while they were making biscuits for supper and was quite amused by 'the one-armed biscuit maker.' I'm telling you when it comes to biscuits and rice pudding these guys are the BEST!! I keep telling them one day they can open their own cafe and call it the "Beaird Boyz Biscuits" - of course hopefully when they're grown the food they're preparing won't be in such close proximity to their feet.... :)

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