Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Caleb Update: HOORAY!

Thanks for praying for Caleb! He got his cast of Tuesday and the Dr. said it was completely healed and was straight and strong. Here's a picture of the wounded soldier... (think he could use a haircut??? :)
James came home while they were making biscuits for supper and was quite amused by 'the one-armed biscuit maker.' I'm telling you when it comes to biscuits and rice pudding these guys are the BEST!! I keep telling them one day they can open their own cafe and call it the "Beaird Boyz Biscuits" - of course hopefully when they're grown the food they're preparing won't be in such close proximity to their feet.... :)


Phyllis said...

От Яна:

Phyllis said...

(I think he was agreeing with your HOORAY! Oh, the explaination of the numbers is that there's a four for him, a two for Raia, three because we live in the third podyezd, and another four for Caleb. I tried to write "from Jaan" in English, but he didn't like that at all.)

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