Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow! we had such an incredible day... first of all it's not easy finding turkey for sale here - we found some at a fancy supermarket near the American Embassy and a nice Honeysuckle turkey was going for $9.00 a pound (hmm we certainly have taught them the meaning of capitalism :).. anyway, we finally found a small package of *turkey fillets* for sale but I wasn't sure how to cook them?? So James decided to fire up our little grill and grill them outside. The kids all thought this was a total blast.. the best part of the day - playing outside and FIRE! We came in and sang songs and talked about all our blessings.. and then ate way more than one human being should eat in a given day. God has blessed us so so much.. four healthy children and His presence in our lives. Sending our love and Thanksgiving Day sugar to all our loved ones!! We're so thankful for YOU!!

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Phyllis said...

You should have come out here to get your turkey! I guess capitalism hasn't made it this far. Will found a nice one for 160 p a kilogram.

I am so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! We did, too.

You really should come out here. Hey, I came into Moscow to see you with two children. If you and James came on the train, you'd each just have two children, and one of those children is such a big helper that she almost doesn't count. :-)

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