Tuesday, November 15, 2005

catching up...

Well it's been ages since I had time to write.. to explain, we moved into the house which has no phone so in order to get on the internet I have to go over to the youth center apartment and use the computer there. Anyway, Johanna is growing like a weed! Weighs 10 lbs and has a great double chin going for her. She's wonderful and smiley AS LONG AS she is being held... the perfect lap baby is there ever was one. Fortunately Rachel and David love to hold her so I usually have a free lap. Rachel loves to walk around singing to her - today I heard in her beautiful voice 'I love you Johanna, I will always take care of you when you are old, don't worry we will never give you away. mia loobimiya..' This was all sung to the tune of Edelweis from the sound of music.

We are really hoping it will snow soon - snow is much more interesting to play in.. Rachel & David continue to go every Tues & Thurs. to the art school (only 1 1/2 hours). They love it and our fridge is covered with paintings. They had a special fall program last week. Just got a phone call that a certain sweet baby is awake and in need of food - how is that possible when she just ate?? Oh well... till next time

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Laura said...

What a precious picture! Johanna's really growing...and David's smile sure reminded us of pictures of Joel when he was a little guy. =)

Love from the McCloys!

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