Wednesday, November 16, 2005

prayer request

Wanted to ask you to pray for James as he has a really important decision to make in the next few days. Last week our neighbor rang our doorbell and told us she was selling her house and if we knew anyone who was interested to please let her know. James went over to look at the house and said it would be *perfect* for a youth center. So he decided to stop at a realtor and just see how much we could sell the youth center apartment for.. the very next day the realtor brought over a buyer who wanted to buy our apartment on the spot! Wow! We told the buyer we needed to think things over... the house would have a larger room to meet in, plus a large bedroom (for Andrei to live in) a kitchen, bathroom and large entryway. It has city septic and water, gas heat and a phone. All this for only $2000 more than we would sell the apartment for.. So we really need God's wisdom. We feel like He is leading, it would be very nice not to have the police bothering us and the neighbors complaining about all the youth hanging out in the entryway. Any thoughts/advice anyone has would be appreciated! Ohh, and it's a great location - five minute walk from our apartment.

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