Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Catching up...

Wow.. lots has happened in the past week, sorry for not keeping updated. The Bibles studies always seem to increase in numbers as young people who have spent the summer at their 'dachas' come back to the city and start school. We've had some new faces which is exciting. We're also praying fervently that we can somehow find a place to rent.. our neighbors are very kind, but having 25 youth smoking outside our apartment is not appreciated. Pray for wisdom for us to know how to deal with so many different situations that arise!

Sunday was D-DAY!!! My due date came and went with a few contractions... but nothing to get excited about. James & I were laughing last night about the extreme difference in expecting your first child and #4 - when I was expecting Rachel and had those first contractions I got out the video camera, called at least a dozen people and freshened up my make-up.... last week when I had a few contractions I immediately cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen floor and threw a casserole together (this was at midnight:) Hmmmmmm

The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't remember such a beautiful fall in the last 8 years. Very dry, sunny and beautiful colors. I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with the kids outside walking and collecting leaves. Rachel and I were looking out the window as I was thinking 'oh, I wish this weather could last another 2 months!!'.. just then Rachel sighed and said 'I can't wait for snow to come!' Oh my, I am trying hard to not think about getting four kids into snowsuits....

We are slowly moving into the house.. James tries to take a load or two every day in his free time. It sure makes it nice to only be 5 minutes away! I'll make sure and post some more pictures when we actually get moved in.

Quote of the day: yesterday as Rachel was putting away the laundry 'Mommy, when you die can I have all your clothes??' I have to start writing down stuff, David says hilarious stuff every day... last night eating supper we had a fascinating conversation about the baby 'coming out'.

Well nap time is almost over so need to run... thanks to all that care enough about us to read this & pray for us!!! Lots of love and sugar being sent over the internet.


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