Thursday, October 20, 2005

We are alive!

Yes we're alive and well... just not phone & internet connected at the house. (how did Hudson Taylor every survive?? :) We got moved into the house and hardly know what to do at night laying in a quiet bedroom without our neighbor's pounding techno-pop until 3:00 am :) The kids absolutely love the attic - one big room with a rough wooden floor - they run, jump rope and Caleb rides on his little plastic motorcycle all day long.

Johanna is the sweetest most content baby ever in the history of babies!! I told James the other day if she was any *better* I'd start to wonder if she had a sin nature :) j/k really... She just sleeps and eats and loves to cuddle on your chest in a little ball. She hasn't received much lovings from her siblings lately as everyone has been sick. Rachel got a terrible cough/croup... and then Monday a stomach virus?? (food poisoning?) struck David & Caleb... it always amazes me how you can have three very large plastic containers surrounding your four year old and yet he somehow misses them and throws up all over the blankets - four times!... anyway, it was almost funny as we went through every blanket we had and ended up sleeping under flannel sheets that night.

Quote of the day - Rachel praying at lunch 'Please help Johanna to grow up strong and healthy, and please help winter to come very, very soon!' We did see a few snowflakes yesterday which prompted squeals of joy from Rachel... she can't wait to go sledding. No other news.. will try to post pic tomorrow.


Phyllis said...

Blah! How did you pass those germs through the internet? I read your blog this morning, and then Jaan threw up all over at church.

He's as good as David. He was wearing a red and white sweater and dark blue and white pants. Guess where all the stains are? In the white parts!

Anyway, it's good to hear from you. :-)

Phyllis said...

SNEG! Is Rachel happy now?

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