Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Camp Update - INCREDIBLE!

Here's Tabitha doing a craft with the girls

Well James and the four girls (we've nicknamed them the Florida Girls) arrived back safe & sound from camp. They said it was amazing, incredible and God was very much working in people's lives!! Thank you so very much for praying! Everyone was so exausted that they pretty much ate, took veerrryyyyy long showers :) and slept & slept - so I haven't heard lots of stories yet - but will post more later. They had just one day to rest and then on Saturday they headed back out to camp for a five day English camp.

James said he counted 56 different youth that came to the camp (some came just a few days then left). This was more than we were expecting and James was excited to see that many of the youth that came were friends of the ones that got saved last summer. Micah (from FL) did have one incredible story of how she got up early one morning and was reading her Bible when someone came over and starting asking all sorts of questions. The young lady ended up praying to receive Christ with Micah! Cathi from Kansas is flying home tomorrow so please pray for protection as she travels (and Chris as he drives her to the airport). James, the Florida girls, and Summer Baird from Oregon will be coming back tomorrow evening and I can't wait to hear all their stories and see more pictures after they get a good 12 hours of sleep in them. One thing James did have time to share with me was one of the youth came up to James the last night and said 'Thank you James, if you had never come to Russia I would have never know anything about God or had a reason to live.' Just hearing that one little story (for me personally) made all the work and preparation of the last two months just melt away. Just one neat answer to prayer.. one afternoon we had a terrible violent thunderstorm and heavy rain for several hours - I called James to warn him it was headed his way - then the kids & I got down and really prayed that God would not let any rain fall on the camp.. the next morning I called James and he said they saw lightning and heard thunder all night but not one drop of rain fell at the camp during the night (but it rained for several hours in the town only 10 miles away!) Okay I promise to write more soon!

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Phyllis' Mom said...

Susan--Exciting post!

When Phyllis and Will are with you, it is imperative that she check her e-mail for a significant message from us. Can you please let her know? Thanks!


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