Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wonderful Orphanage program!

Yesterday was the long anticipated program at the area orphanage. (where James teaches a weekly English lesson) I think James, Micah, Megan, Rachel & David and the other 7 youth that performed had as much fun as the children! There has been a young man Anatolli coming to the Bible studies for over a year. He had grown up in this orphanage and told James how special it was to be a part of giving gifts to the children. They did a very funny skit about the *elves* getting ready.. complete with shaving, brushing teeth, styling their hair etc. James said the teachers were laughing harder than the children and really seemed to enjoy the entire program.

Then James and Alona came out dressed as the traditional Father Christmas and Winter Princess. James said he had never done a program before where he sensed God really speaking to hearts as he spoke - He was able to share the entire Gospel from Adam and Eve to redemption through Jesus Christ. Pray for these precious children to personally know Jesus Christ.
Handing out the presents

Micah said she was ready to take this little girl home with her. I so love this picture - the orphanage director had told the children not to open their presents until they got back to their rooms.. but as you can see this little sweetie just couldn't help peeking.

to your left stands Rachel, David, Micah & Megan with a group of boys that wanted their picture taken for Christmas.

Please be praying for James, Andrei, Micah & Megan as we have a very, very busy week ahead. We have the names & addresses of over 100 families given to us by the city Administration. They'll be personally visiting each family and giving them a food basket, Bible and other gifts. Pray that Christ will be glorified here in Nara-Faminsk. And in case I don't get on here again.. Have a WONDERFUL celebration of our Savior's Birth!! Much love to all...

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Rebecca said...

Wow! It looks like the Lord is opening some amazing doors for you and your ministry! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed having Micah and Megan there to share it. I wish I could have come with them, but I am working full time at the Dallas Training Center so it didn't work out this time. God bless you and your family in 2008! Love, Rebecca Furlong

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