Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please be praying!

Well we're in need of a miracle!  I know it's always a good thing to be completely dependent on Almighty God to lead, guide, direct and miraculously provide when humanly speaking things just *aren't gonna happen*.   We find ourselves yet again in such a position...

We have plane tickets to return to Moscow next Tuesday the 30th - but we have no visas.  Every day last week James talked with the man getting our work permit.. 'the paperwork will be here tomorrow.'  Well many *tomorrows* came and went and we're still waiting.  This Wednesday is the deadline and if we haven't received it by then we'll have to change our tickets and fly out whenever ?? an extra week, two weeks, months ?? (did I fail to mention I don't like unknows?)  So we wait and pray.  If you think of it we'd appreciate some prayer warriors alongside us :)

In other news... Andrei back in Russia has amazing news reports every time we talk with him.  Andrei was invited (amazing string of events) to teach twice a month in the local public school about "Religion and how to know God".   Some youth that were saved at camp but do not live in Nara-Faminsk have started their own Bible study in their apartments.  Andrei talks with them every week to give them ideas, encouragement etc.  So as much as we are aching to be back home we realize that God will continue to work in people's lives even when we're on this side of the ocean.  Thanks again for your prayers and loving, faithful support for our family.   We are so humbled by all people have done for us in the past 3 months.

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