Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring is here!

Well I got very behind this week in updating the blog.. so here's my feeble attempt at an update.   We have a tradition every spring that we check the buds on our beautiful lilac bush every morning and evening.. whatever day the leaves come out we scream and run around the house wildly rejoicing and then the next day is declared a national holiday with no school and a picnic in the woods.  Well last Monday evening I heard Rachel make the joyous announcement :)  The lilacs had indeed burst and I think I rejoiced more than the kids at the thought of no school the next day.  It ended up being an absolutely beautiful, unseasonably warm day.. perfect for a picnic.
David spent the entire afternoon exploring in the woods with his BB gun ~ his trusty shadow never far behind.  These two crack me up when they're in exploring mode.
Johanna spent the day happily trying to dig up ants and put them in a plastic bag.  She really wanted her 'wild horses' back home to have the company of ants.  

Friday May 1st is of course a big holiday in Russia ~ May Day.  We decided to invite everyone that comes to the Friday evening Bible study to our house for hot dogs.  It was so much fun!  And a wonderful Bible study that evening.
Tomorrow is David's long awaited birthday.. he is beyond excited.  I loved getting the chance to cuddle him tonight (I used the excuse of 'this is the last night you're 7 and I just have to tell you all about the night you were born..).  I hope he has a wonderful day ~ where has the time gone?!  So true the saying 'long days, short years' :)   

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