Monday, July 06, 2009

Please be praying..

We are in desperate need of a miracle concerning the weather.  It has rained solid for a week and been very cold (37 at night~ brrrr! and highs in the 50's)  Camp was supposed to start tomorrow, but several parents have asked us to move it back a day as supposedly tomorrow will get warmer.   The sun broke through the clouds an hour ago and the kids went running around the house screaming 'the SUN, I see the SUN!!'    James has tried to set up and build the kitchen area at camp.. but it's a bit difficult in a foot of mud.  Please pray for NO MORE RAIN!    
The group from American arrived safe and sound and have been a huge blessing.  Megan from the TX panhandle (YEAH!! we love people from Borger!).  And Kyle, Caleb, Robert & Megan from Florida.  Pray for them as they have been walking around the city inviting youth.  They have achieved celebrity status already ~ last night as they were walking near the town square when someone yelled out "the Americans" and immediately 40 youth surrounded them to talk.  It's so neat to see... James doesn't get the same treatment when he walks around town ;)  Russia is all abuzz right now with President Obama's visit so I guess that somehow makes Americans interesting again.  Please pray for these young people to be protected and have God's wisdom and grace in their lives.

I'll try to update more later ~ we've had a crazy busy last week as I took all the kids for several days to a Christian summer camp.  Then our dog had 3 adorable puppies.  We know these camps are going to be amazing and God will change lives.  Thank you for standing with us in faith and prayer.   

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