Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayer Requests

Yesterday afternoon a young man who had been to summer camp was killed in a motorcycle accident. Here's a picture of Valyara taken 4 years ago out at camp. This is the third death this past year of a young person who has been out at camp ~ so tragic. James, Andrei and Ksenya went to the funeral this afternoon and many of the young people were talking about how glad they were that Valyara knew Jesus personally. Pray that we'll have an opportunity to talk with Valyara's friends and Mother. He was an only child and just 18 years old.
Also our dear friend and ministry partner Ksenya would appreciate prayer for her Father. He has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer and has been given just a few weeks to live. Ksenya was talking about how God worked in her family ~ her 7 year old sister came home a few years ago with a children's Bible and stories of going to a children's Bible party and how she repented. She kept sharing with her Mom and urging her Mom to read the Bible.. her Mom ended up getting saved. Then Ksenya and her teenage brother started reading the Bible.. and after a year they were all believers... all because of a children's Bible and a seven year old who's life was changed.

Thank you for your love and continued prayers for our family!

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Heather Mitchell said...

I'm praying, Susan.
Glad your family is there sharing Jesus.


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