Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I took the kids out to visit James at camp ~ we had a wonderful day! The weather has been very hot, and not a drop of rain... James has never.ever.ever. in the history of 10 years doing camps NOT had it rain. There are over 70 youth and many are reading a Bible for the first time in their lives and hearing the truth of God's love for them. Please continue to pray for protection and for God to change lives.
Here's Ksenya leading one of the small group times
I was up on the riverbank watching the kids swim and overheard Megan and this girl having a great discussion about God and faith. It is such a huge blessing to see this group of Americans who have come over to help ~ they are so passionate about God and so willing to share. A real example to me. Please pray for Micah, Megan & Ethan Hodges and Raymond and Josh as they will be here until the beginning of August.
lunch ~ and we picked a great day to visit it was borsht instead of fish head soup
my kids want to adopt Raymond and keep him over here...
David on the rope swing
(note to grandparents.. this looks more dangerous than it was :)
Caleb having the time of his life ~ everyone was amazed at how good he was with the boat
Caleb on the rope swing
Johanna enjoying ice cream break

Camp will end of Sunday and I'm sure I'll post more stories and pictures then. Thank you for your prayers!

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Heather Mitchell said...

70 kids at camp! That's fabulous! It sure does look like a heat we can relate to here in Kerrville. Glad there is water for swimming and ice cream near by. :0)

You all are always in my prayers!
Love you!


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