Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Update

Time for an update! It's always nice to get into the routine of school again. We've got a 6th, 4th, 2nd and a busy preschooler this year.. fun times. James is enjoying teaching at the orphanage and sitting around afterwards answering lots and lots of questions about life, God, the Bible, purpose for living. We are so thankful for this open door.

Bible studies continue at the youth center. Right now James is going through the book of John. It's so neat to see the changes in people's lives and how excited they are to share their faith.

I've been thinking a great deal lately about the word "Redeemer". A few weeks ago was the one year anniversary of your neighbor Dima's death. It was a very sad week and we spent some time visiting with Dima's parents Olga & Zhenya. I kept thinking back
to a little over a year ago when Zhenya openly showed how much he disliked us ~ never waving, never talking. Now they bring us plum jelly and we have spent hours and hours talking in the back yard and sharing our lives. Zhenya decided a few months ago to quit his job performing abortions. This had been his profession for 25 years and it was a very well-paying job at one of the largest hospital in Moscow. Now he's working as a regular Dr. for a fraction of the salary. When James asked him about quitting his job he simply answered 'you can't believe that God exists and perform abortions.' To see how drastically their lives have changed still just amazes me.. to see Olga attending a Bible study with her Bible open and taking notes.. to see how all the other neighbors talk about the changes they see.. truly they have been Redeemed - they have been bought back, saved from a life of sin and it's consequences.

In other news ~ the Beairds are headed to the States for the next four months. We are looking forward to speaking at two different mission conferences and hope to see many of you as we travel. If anyone knows of a church, sunday school, Awana group, etc. that would like to hear about Russia please contact us ~ we will be in Texas and Pennsylvania and any states in between those two that want to hear about Russia. :)

Thank you again for your love and prayers for our family! And I'll leave you with a picture of our precious Johanna Joy that turned five last week ~ not the best picture but the sweetest five year old in Europe!!


Kaylene said...

Hello Susan, Great to read the update. It must have been almost 5 years ago that I first heard you and James speak about Russia when you came to Perryton. I'm pretty sure I remember that Johanna was a little baby then. How time flies. As I was reading this update I was reminded about a conversation I had with you that evening you came to Perryton. (So long ago, I doubt you remember!!) I was telling you of my interest and desire for mission work and you encouraged me to pursue ESL ministries. Well, today I am living in Hungary (for at least a school year) teaching English using the Bible. Looking back I can see how God used many people and things to encourage me-- and you were one of them. I just now remembered that conversation and was blessed to be reminded once again of His perfect orchestration of details. Just thought I'd share. :)
Continued blessing on yours and James' work there!

Rex McCloy said...

Hi James and Susan,
Greetings from the Texas Panhandle. We're so excited to see you in February! Our pastor at Morse now is Gary Stevens. After reading your "Fall Update", he asked us to please find out when you could come to Morse! So, please put us on your list--Morse loves you!
Blessings, Rex and Susan to contact him directly.


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