Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day again to the bestest Dads and Grandads in the world - how did we ever get so blessed?!?!

Sundays are always a bit hectic; and Monday is James' day off, so we decided to celebrate Daddy's Day today.. We had a long *council* with the kiddos to decide what we should do - they came up with the idea to blindfold James, put him in the car and drive him to McDonald's for breakfast. They whole thing was hilarious!! of course you could do just about anything with a two year old that has any element of suprise in it and of course it's a huge deal :) We went through the drive-thru and then took our egg mcmuffins and had a picnic with them. The whole time in the car the kids made up 'we have the bestest Daddy' songs and sang them at the top of their lungs the entire drive (thankfully McDonald's is only 1 mile away :) We are so so blessed to have such a great Daddy!

We had a beautiful day today and Johanna enjoyed exploring some outside and grazing on dandelion greens - yum! :) Our hearts have been sad lately thinking about Grandad Gorden (James' grandad) He has not been doing well and I keep wishing we could just hop on an airplane and give him one last hug. He's such an amazing person; and I wish our children could have more memories of being with him. When Caleb is working hard washing dishes I always tell him 'Boy you're such a hard worker, just like Grandad.' We love and miss our Dads and Grandad and are so blessed by your investment in our lives! Lots of love and sugar being sent with this blog....

ohh and the other pic - during quiet hour Rachel has been taking Johanna into our bedroom and reading her books - it's too adorable to watch! I LOVE having a child that can read!!!!! YEAH!

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