Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Prayer Requests

This is more like a newsletter than a blog post.. but we're in need of prayer help! It's been a busy last few weeks - I told James I feel like I'm at the top of a roller coaster knowing that once camp starts in July I'm in for *quite a ride*! So here's our schedule so you can be praying:

July 1st - 10th - Youth Camp - this will be held about an hour away by a large lake and everyone will be sleeping in tents. The majority of Youth will be unbelievers.

July 13 - 17th - English Camp - this is something we've never done before but several youth asked us and so we're gonna give it a try! A month ago I was working on the computer and happened to see my Teaching English as a Second Language notebook on the desk and thought to myself 'Wow, need to get something together for the English camp' the VERY NEXT DAY I got a phone call from a recent college graduate in Kansas that had planned to go to China this summer to work teaching English and her plans got cancelled and she wondered 'could she come over and help out for a few weeks this summer'? I stand amazed at how God works all these things out! We are very excited to have Cathi coming from Kansas to lead the Enlgish camp - she'll be arriving June 28th rhru July 19th - please pray for her as she travels and experiences Russia for the first time. Also three girls from Florida - Micah, Megan & Tabitha will be here the entire month of July to help with the camps. This is the most help we've ever had and are thrilled knowing that God will use them this summer.

July 19 - 29th - another camp (using our site and equipment) will be run by Pastor Andrei from the city of Mozhaisk. James will be helping, but I'm not sure if he'll be needed the entire camp.

Youth Center - Back in November we told you about the house we were in the process of buying for a Youth Center (selling the apartment we currently use and buying the house to have more room and more privacy). We gave the downpayment and started the paperwork and had hoped to have everything done by Easter. Well.... as everything in Russia seems to take twice as long and with fourtimes the amount of work :) this was no exception. To make a l.o.n.g story short - the land the house sits on needed to be privatized by the owner before it could be sold. In January the head of the privatization Department for our entire city was but in jail (along with 4 other people) for stealing land from the government.. So all paperwork has been put on hold while this is investigated. No land or houses can be sold until possibly next fall :( So we're patiently waiting... just wanted to give you an update if anyone was wondering what had happened.

In family news Johanna is getting cuter than cute! Our new name for her is the 'little Hoover' as she crawls around everywhere sucking up any amount of debris she can find on the floor. I crack up every time I get her up from a nap and put her down to crawl; she makes a beeline to the kitchen table and specifically Caleb's chair to look for the latest morsel that's been dropped. She is a true scavanger because she will have nothing to do with anything I try to feed her with a spoon - oh well. We're enjoying her so so much - she's such a sweetie I thought I better add a picture lest you think I'm biased. It's been unusually cold and rainy for June - seems crazy to be wearing a heavy coat in June! Well need to run, thanks for your prayers!

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Phyllis said...

Crawling! I guess it's time for that, but it took me by surprise to hear that she's actually started.

We are definitely praying for you all!

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