Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What a week!

I do not know how we will return to *normal life* after this past week! The kids have loved all the extra attention, stories, book after book after book, and all sorts of special treats. They especially like walking with Gran & Pap to the store to get yogurt and whatever special treat they decide upon.n(Rachel feels very important because she gets to interpret for them:) Our neighbor gave us an old swingset they didn't need - what a wonderful addition to the yard! We anchored it into the ground and attatched a regular swing and a baby swing for Johanna - this has been a big hit for Rachel especially. On Monday morning Rachel celebrated her last day of 'school' at the little art school she takes a class at twice a week. There was a big celebration with songs and poems. Rachel was so proud that her Gran & Pap could be there to see her perform.

If you are reading this and have grandparents living in a one hour radius I hope you are VERY grateful for the time & energy they can give your kids!! :) What a blessing to have someone else help wipe bottoms, do dishes, read books and tell your kids stories for a week. We will greatly miss them and are SO grateful they sacrificed this week and traveling all those miles to be with us!

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