Sunday, May 14, 2006

A new addition to our family!!

Did anyone click on this thinking it was a pregnancy announcement?? Haaa!! Gotcha.. ::wink::

After three years of hearing Rachel pray for a puppy we finally got one!! She is a Russian Laika - well her mother was 100% Laika and the father was.. we're not sure.. but she is ADORABLE!! The kids named her 'Sneezhok' (or snowflake) because Rachel said she looked like she had just walked through the snow. Although it took all of her 1st born power of persuasion to talk David out of naming her 'Robin Hood' - "she's a GIRL David, you can't name a GIRL Robin Hood!!" :) The kids are beside themselves with excitement and were up at the crack of dawn to run outside to check on her... I am hoping that part of the novelty wears off soon. Rachel loves animals so much, a few weeks ago I asked her one morning if she had any dreams to which she replied 'I had my favorite dream where I have a horse, and two goats, and chickens, and a dog and lots of cats.'

If you want to search the internet for russian laika it's quite interesting... On November 3, 1957 a Russian Laika dog orbited the earth aboard Sputnik II - the only dog ever in space! How's that for famous :) They are a hunting dog, very similar to a husky but smaller. They always have blue eyes and are white & black.

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Kaylene said...

What a cute puppy!--and pretty girl. ( :
I have enjoyed reading your blog and staying updated on what God is doing in your lives!
I especially enjoyed reading about your trip to Turkey as I was born there. My dad was in the AirForce. I don't remember anything but what people have told me and pictures I've seen. what you said about the people and things was in unison with what they've always told me.
You probably don't remember me but I'm a PK from the TX panhandle and ya'll visited and spoke at our church when you were here. I didn't have the privilege of meeting your kids then, so I have thoroughly enjoyed pics. they are adorable!!!!
Joy to you!

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