Friday, May 19, 2006

The GRANDPARENTS are here!!

YIPEE!! Pap & Gran Hall arrived Tuesday afternoon safe & sound. We were so thankful they had a safe trip with no adventures. The neatest thing happen - they were late getting into New York from Pittsburg, so Delta ended up giving their seats away.. when they arrived at the last minute Delta then ended up *bumping* them to first class!! They enjoyed the extra leg room and the chance to get some rest.

Today they walked around our town a little and went to the WW II museum next to Rachel's art school. We also worked in the garden and planted green beans, spinach and onions- FUN!

The kids are wild with excitement and enjoying all the extra attention. Yesterday poor Pap read all afternoon book after book after book. Caleb has enjoyed snuggling with Gran and hearing lots of fun stories. What a wonderful gift this visit has been!! Rejoicing!!!

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Phyllis said...

How wonderful! I had forgotten that they were coming.

Is that Caleb or David in the front of the garden picture? It looks like Caleb to me. Jaan loves his dog ear cap; it's just like that one, except a different color. Where did you get green bean seeds? We're planting our garden today. . .

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