Tuesday, September 05, 2006

They're ENGAGED!!

I'm happy to report our dear friend Chris Brudi (we both knew Chris from back in 1995 when we were both single - I was actually friends with Chris' sisters) and the lovely Camilla are engaged! Camilla is from up in Siberia, but has been living in Moscow the past three years working as the translator for Joyce Myers television show. She is an amazing young lady and seeing how God brought Chris & Camilla together just further deepens my awe of God's Sovereignty. They have so many common interests; and yet are such *opposites* in personality that they wonderfully compliment each other. Yes, if anyone needed a 'help meet' it was Chris (hee hee!) and God brought along someone just perfect! We are mainly excited (selfish motivation!) because Chris & Camilla are planning to live here in Nara-Faminsk for about 4-5 months every summer to help do camps & ministry. Please pray for Chris & Camilla as they have many major decisions to make this next week - mainly where to marry; and all the lovely visa paperwork to submit.

In other news.. it's been raining here for 3 weeks now!! I mean torrential rain.. all.day.every.single.day.every.day.every.hour Okay, the kids have major cabin fever but we have gotten off to a good start in school, so yeah for that. Rachel was to be baptized on Sunday, but due to the rain it was cancelled and we hope to have it this Sunday if the weather is nice. Last Sunday there were exactly 40 for the Bible study!!! Poor James doesn't know what to do.. I mean that's a lot of people to fit in a one-room apartment. He and Andrei are trying to figure out a way to have more home Bible studies during the week in apartments scattered around the city - be praying for wisdom for them!


Phyllis said...

Congrats to Chris and Camilla!

And may I come use your dryer again, please? :-)

Laura said...

Nine years ago today, our family was in far-away Michigan at one of the most beautiful weddings ever... Happy Anniversary, James & Susan!!

Although we've failed to leave comments, we check your blog often and love the stories and pictures. =) We love you guys. Have a great day!

Laura for the McCloy crew

Phyllis said...

Click here for a few photos of the Beaird kids. :-)

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