Saturday, September 23, 2006

A trip to the ZOO!

This past Tuesday we had a wonderful trip to the Moscow Zoo! It was a beautiful sunny fall day and we enjoyed every minute. Our friends the Hunsuckers were able to meet us with their two children Jaan & Raia. Caleb & Jaan are only a month apart and I call them the 'Best Buds'. I enjoyed watching them together more than the animals :)

Jaan had just celebrated his 3rd birthday so although it was a bit late we had another cake with candles for him... I asked Caleb to go over and stand beside Jaan so I could get a picture of them together; Caleb got up from seat went over and serenaded Jaan with his own version of 'Happy birthday..' - it was so cute!

Here's Raia (L) and Johanna together - they both have blue eyes and blonde hair and so sweet together!

One thing that struck me was the difference between the zoo in San Antonio - in the States everything is in their *natural habitat* and you can hardly see the animals. In Moscow we were sooo close to the animals with just a concrete valley and simple iron fence. Believe it or not I hardly used my zoom to get this picture.. it was that close! When I was tucking Caleb into bed that night he said the lion was his favorite.

Caleb feeding bread to the ducks

Not the best picture, but I have a picture of Caleb on his first birthday sitting on this same walrus.

Caleb & Jaan watching the monkeys

Rachel thought it so wonderful that Raia was walking already. (she's a few months older than Johanna) She told me on the way home that we 'had to work more with Johanna to get her to start walking.. it's just so fun to walk when they hold on to your finger.' :)

Caleb & Jaan were just tooo cute together in their matching dog hats!


Phyllis said...

I love the photos! We had such a wonderful day there. Jaan keeps asking me about Caleb: "Where's Caleb? What is he doing now?"

Mom said...

Those are certainly photos to delight the heart of Raia and Jaan's grandma. Thank you for posting....We are pleased all of you had this special day together.

BabaJulie said...

Great pictures! Thanks, Susan!

Anna said...

Oh, susan, those are so great. It made me smile to see Raia holding Rachel's hand,remembering how frustrated Rachel was at her response during the last visit.

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