Thursday, July 12, 2007

Camp Update

Praise the Lord for His grace & mercy! The first three days of camp were cold, rainy and overcast... really difficult to *get things going*. However the last three days have been just beautiful!! Hot, sunny and beautiful blue skies. The three American girls all deserve medals of bravery/endurance/courage for what they went through with all the rain and cold the first few days! James said he was disappointed at first that some of the youth decided not to go because of the bad weather.. but he said the camp was going great and they were enjoying really good Bible studies. He said it was almost easier with a smaller group to focus more on one-on-one time of talking with the different young people. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! Please keep praying.. specifically that the great weather will continue, for kitchen help (the young man James was going to pay to run the kitchen never showed up), protection and most of all that God will work in people's lives.

Report from the home front: Last night was major *missing Daddy night*. The boys woke me up at 2:00am - Caleb informed me that Daddy needed to come home 'right now!!!' And David insisted that '10 days is just way too long a time..' So we all snuggled in bed and missed Daddy together :) And don't you know that was a realllll restful night in between Caleb sticking his feet under my chin and David breathing down my neck. Anyway, I decided this morning we needed a major diversion so I decided to take the kids swimming at a nearby lake. Sometimes I seriously think I need my head examined... our van only goes in first gear right now and keeping track of five kids in water isn't exactly restful (we've adopted Rachel's friend Olga for the summer); but we loaded up and puttered down the road at 11 mph to the lake. We had such a good time!! On the way home we even stopped at McDonald's for ice cream cones. I decided to let Johanna have a go at her first ice cream cone alone.. as we drove into the driveway I heard Rachel laughing, 'Look JoJo looks like a snowman' I turned around to this lovely sight... In closing all I have to say is.. TWO.MORE.DAYS!!! May they pass quickly.... :)

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