Monday, July 02, 2007

Please be praying!

A few weeks ago as we discussed getting ready for camp I told James 'every year the week before camp the van breaks down and the computer crashes' - this has happened every.year.for.the.past.three.years. So James took the minivan in, fixed a few little struts and made sure it was in tip-top shape. This weekend he went to Moscow to buy supplies and was driving back with a completely packed van... it died... he finally made it home hours later after driving home in first gear. Last week our computer crashed.. finally got it working again. It has not rained for 5 weeks.. today James went out to sent up the tables, tents and get organized at the campsite. We had a huge hailstorm, torrential rain and high winds. All this to say.. we really, really need your prayers for camp! Every year we feel this way - we plan and prepare and then realize Almighty God is the only one that can change people's hearts and lives. It is 'not by might, or power, but by MY SPIRIT' that anything of eternal value will happen at the camps. Please pray for these young people. I can't type this without crying.. yesterday as I was out walking with the kids I saw 16 year old Masha. Three years ago Masha went to camp; she came home and started reading her Bible and coming to the Bible studies. Her Mom (an alcoholic) refused to let her continue coming to the Bible studies and even physically punished her for reading her Bible. As we passed her on the road yesterday Masha now looks like she barely weighs 80 lbs., her eyes had huge black bags under them and you could see the needle marks in her thin arms.. she's become a heroin addict. The emptiness in her eyes as I said hello to her still haunts me even now. There are so many *Mashas* I pass by every day.. pray that God will give protection, wisdom, understanding, and most of all draw people to salvation. Camp will begin this Friday the 6th and run through the 15th. We'll have another English camp the 19th - 23rd. There are three young ladies flying in tomorrow from Florida - pray for Micah, Megan & Rebekah. 'Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.' 1 John 4:4


darlene said...

Wow,proof that Satan is alive and keeping busy. That is all the more reason to keep doing what you guys are doing. I thank God for you and your family who are willing to be on the front lines. darlene

JEB said...

We're praying for you. I understand you have some McCloys coming to help with camps; what a blessing!
Janet Bavido

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