Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Days

Sunday we celebrated 'Russia Day' (the Russian version of Independence Day) with a cookout after church. Everyone is getting excited about the upcoming camps in July. Please be praying that many lives will be changed. And for wisdom as we prepare.

Rachel recently started reading in Russian - hooray!
She in reading through her Russian Bible and is already through Genesis. The other day they were having a picnic with her two friends Svieta & Olga.. I looked out and Rachel had run to get her Bible and was reading it with Svieta. They read through the first few chapters of Genesis and Svieta & Olga both have been coming to church the past two Sundays. Rachel told me that Svieta didn't know what a Bible was before this, so the next day we went and bought a really nice Bible to give to her.. it's so neat to see how excited Rachel and David are about sharing with their friends. Please pray for all the children on our street that we come in contact with - they have so many needs.

The favorite thing this year has been picnics and building forts in the apple trees. Amazing how peanut butter and honey is elevated to gourmet when eaten outside in the sunshine!

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Anna Hunsucker said...

Yay for Rachel for learning to read Russian! You can tell her that Jaan & Raia's Aunt Anna is also working her way (slowly)through the Russian Bible. I'm working on the NT, though. It's so great to read about her enthusiasm and desire to share it with others!


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