Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Can you say *HOT!* That is what everyone is talking about right now.. there was a chance today of it reaching a new record of the hottest recorded temperature ever in Moscow! We did manage to get the garden planted... and then the puppies promptly decided that was a great place to dig.. so now there are only 2 puppies left! (NO ONE touches Mamma's spinach!) Actually it is a completely pathetic garden compared to all my neighbors, but we had fun outside with the kids.

We are getting excited about the upcoming camps in July. This week James went to visit an English teacher to give her invitations to the English camp. He tried to time his visit between classes; but when he opened the door to her classroom she greeted him with 'why James, I was about to start a class on the Ten Commandments and how that helped shape the American justice system but since you're here why don't you teach the class?' Amazing huh! There were also several youth interested in the English camp. Please pray as we invite young people and are just out and about; James has had some great conversations this past week.

Please pray for this 11 year old boy Costya. Our friend Chris Brudi met him last Christmas while giving out presents to needy families. He is blind in one eye, but the problem could be fixed with a fairly simple operation. Chris found a sponsor for the operation and Costya will be having the operation tomorrow. He is such a sweet, precious boy, pray that he will re-gain his sight.

I am sure everyone is sick of puppy pictures :) But Johanna is just too hilarious with her white puppy "Bealitchka" - she dresses her up in doll clothes and pushes her around all day in her baby carriage. I really wish I had a picture of the day I took all 4 kids plus Rachel's friend Svieta for a walk with all 8 puppies... Rachel & David had puppies in their bike baskets, Johanna pushed hers in the stroller and Caleb dragged his in a car, and various other puppies were in the bottom of the large stroller.. and I wonder sometimes if the neighbors think we're a little odd??! Anyway, little boys and puppies are just toooo sweet together, so I'll just add one little picture....

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