Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my own wonderful Daddy!  Wish you were here to snuggle your grandyoungins and give us a break! :)  
And a very happy Father's Day to this most wonderful Daddy!  The kids had so much fun all week making secret gifts, cards and plans for the day.  As soon as they got up they made James go outside while we made a huge pancake, strawberries & whipped cream breakfast.  Then they blindfolded James, led him inside and surprised him with a crown and a breakfast fit for our King.   You are an amazing Father and we love you Daddy!!
Church was so good today ~ the first part of Ephesians 4.  It was Lena's (below) 21st birthday.  We had so much fun eating cake and celebrating her life.  I couldn't help but think back to exactly 4 years ago.. James met Lena on the street corner passing out invitations to our first summer camp (we had just moved to Nara-Faminsk).  Lena ended up coming to camp ~ the first night she snuck out to go drinking and James almost sent her home.  They talked all afternoon... 9 more days of camp, Lena was a trouble-maker, obnoxious, mean and caused James no end of headaches.  The last night of camp she went forward crying and said she wanted to repent.  The change in her life was so drastic ~ truly a new creature.  Lena had attended a Satanic group, had cuttings all over her body, and by her own admission was one of the 'meanest people alive.'  Now she is 21, recently married to a Christian man, attending the Christian University in Moscow and is actively holding Bible studies in her own apartment during the week.  What pure JOY it is to be involved in people's lives.  To see the changes that come from the Holy Spirit alone.  

May your day be filled with the wonder and enjoyment of your Heavenly Daddy's love for you.

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