Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update time...

We've had quite the busy week.  Out internet server went down for 9 days.. it was a happy day when they finally got that working again.  Two weekends ago there was a terrible car crash ~ seven youth in a tiny Russian car.  Three of the passengers had attended our summer camp last year.  One 16 year old young man was killed and a 17 year old Olga was seriously injured.  Olga broke two vertebras in her spine, broke both arms, one leg and lots of cuts, bruises and blood loss.   She's been told that she will be paralyzed from the waist down.  James has gone to see her several times, the whole situation is just so very tragic.  The young man that was driving is looking at a possible 5 year jail sentence because he did not have a license.  Pray as James is trying to go visit with him in prison.   Also pray for Olga's Mother as James had had several good conversations with her when he goes to visit.

We have started handing out invitations for summer camp.. please be praying.  The weeks of preparation alway seem difficult.  Pray for workers.. especially someone to oversea the cooking (so James doesn't have to do it :).  
It's been unusually cool, but we finally got most of the garden planted... thanks to such great helpers!
David has been reading to Johanna every afternoon before naptime.  I just love watching them interact together ~ they have such similar personalities.  And yes JoJo is *still* very, very attached to her fingers...

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