Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting back in the swing of things..

Thought I'd update with some pictures.  We worked in the yard/garden all day today and the only muscles that aren't killing me right now are in my fingertips, so at least I can type.  Last week was very cold (38 one morning brrrr), and rained every day, windy, no sun.  We ended up staying in and getting lots of schoolwork done and organizing.  James got back in his routine ~ he has evening Bible studies at either the youth center or somewhere in the city Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then the Sunday afternoon Bible study at the youth center. 

Our big excitement today was the sun was shining and we took off the training wheels on Caleb's bike!  Talk about a fast learner.. I was so impressed.  There are few things in this world sweeter to watch than a 4 year old riding a *real* bike for the first time! :)
Although I'd have to say a little towhead girl running up to you with a dandelion bouquet yelling 'pick flowers a Mommy!!' is also pretty sweet. :)  I would rather have dandelions from the roadside than roses from a store any day.
Yesterday we took our first walk to the woods ~ the kids loved it and had their special hidden *places* they had to re-visit.  Since coming back Johanna has dragged her stuffed stick horse ev.ery.where.  it's actually about to drive me nuts... but it was hilarious to watch her running through the trees yelling 'gid YUP BACK BOOOTY' 
All the wildflowers were blooming.. just beautiful. 
I just read something that made me laugh.. 'I used to have many theories about raising children, and no children.  Now I have many children and no theories.'  heh!  I can soooo relate.   Anyway, random notes from our lives.  Love to all...

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Lisa Mabie said...

Gorgeous pics of your fam! Thankyou for sharing!!

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