Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Travel Update.. *sigh*

Well I wrote the update below immediately upon receiving our visas.. I was in a hurry to share the happy news.  When I then called Delta to change the tickets I found out that to fly out anytime the 9th - 15th would cost $4800 more :0   plus we would have to split up as there weren't 6 seats available.   So we have tickets bought and we will be flying out Friday the 16th.  As much as we are enjoying this visit we are very much wanting to be back home.  Thanks for your love and prayers for our family.. 9.more.days.  :)  I guess we just needed to learn a little bit more about being flexible...

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Heather Mitchell said...

Well, I'm glad your family will be here for Little Olympics! And I'm sure God has a few other things on His agenda for you before you leave the states. His agenda is always best!

Love ya.

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