Tuesday, May 06, 2008

HOORAY!! Visas came today!

Our visas arrived safe & sound... only 5 months after we started the process ~ that's gotta be a record or something! :)  Anyway, we now have a work permit and if everything works according to plan we will be able to stay a whole year without leaving the country.. that's if no new visa laws are passed.  

We are planning to fly out Friday arriving in Russia Saturday the 10th.  I was sorta hoping to be there for the big May 9th celebration; after New Year's Eve this is THE big holiday of the year.   When James called Andrei about getting a van to pick us up at the airport Andrei suggested we wait to arrive the 10th because all the drivers would be drunk on the 9th... sounded like a good plan to us! :)

Thank you for your prayers and now you can rejoice with us!  Also pray as we pack up, clean, and say good-bye.  

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larson fam said...

Praise the Lord!!! Have a safe trip. We'll be praying for you.

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