Friday, May 09, 2008


Seven years ago yesterday at a few minutes before midnight a beautiful 8lb little boy was born. The fact that he was a boy was a huge surprise to his parents as the Dr. told them at the ultrasound to expect a little girl... well lo and behold *Hannah Grace* turned out a bit different than planned.   We love to look at his first baby pictures wrapped in an adorable pink outfit and wrapped in a pink blanket.  We didn't even have a name picked out... but the only thought and prayer running through our heart at the moment was "God we beg you, make this baby boy grow up to be a man after God's own heart".. so we decided to name him David.   I can not imagine our lives without this amazing, incredible gift & blessing.  He is the kind, loving, quiet peacemaker of the family.  So loving to his little sister;  and is constantly making me think with all the questions of how something works or why, why why is it that way and not this way. Thank you Father in Heaven for the gift of David's life.  

David's current favori
te activities have been shooting a bow and arrow and exploring every water crossings/creek he can find.

For his birthday we went for lunch to a Mexican restaurant where he got to wear this sombrero and watch Daniel Boone pop out and play Happy Birthday on the violin.. I think he felt special!  Oh and please note his battered shirt.. I almost asked him to change because I knew I'd be taking pictures, but didn't because he LOVES his *soldier shirt*   I think he would happily wear it every single day.

I love these pictures.. for his birthday he received two cap gun pistols with a holster!!  Talk about joy unspeakable! :)   He is quite the 7 year old cowboy.

We love you with all of our hearts David and think you're the greatest thing ever!!!!

Your adoring fan club!

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Jeff said...

Happy Birthday, nephew and cousin David! We Illinois Beairds are rejoicing with your parents at the love of life in you. Keep it up, big'un. :)

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