Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camp Update

Well I had every intention of writing out a big report about camp as soon as they got back.. but it never happened because James was so busy running around getting ready for the 2nd English camp that we never really got a chance to talk.  He did report that 5 youth repented;  I will try to post their stories later.   James and several others commented it was the best camp ever and said kids were staying up late at night talking about the Bible and wanting to know more.  

One huge miracle that happened was the weather.  The next to the last day of camp we had torrential thunderstorms here in our city (60km away from the camp). We're talking 12 straight hours... it ruined my beloved spinach in the garden (you have no idea how much I love spinach ~ they don't sell it here fresh).  Anyway I finally called James late that night thinking he would be huddled in his soaked tent.. he cheerfully answered the phone and reported that it had lightly rained for 10 minutes early that morning.  No thunder or lightning or strong winds or anything ~ Wahoo!

So here's some random pictures.  The English camp ends tomorrow ~ please pray for continued safety and God's grace and presence.  I'll make sure and post plenty more pictures and stories. 
Riding out to camp on the bus
The american style potato salad was a huge hit
Megan doing a skit
Most of these young men were part of a soccer team.. James said they were so great to get to know and share with them about the Bible
God provided a great song leader/guitar player

I liked this picture of James.. he was passing out invitations to the English camp ~ he is so good at just going up and talking with people.  Many times he'll go to the local basketball court and play ball for awhile and then sit around for hours talking.  Guess it's that easy going Texan charm :)

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