Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Camp Update

Yesterday we got to travel out to the camp and see Daddy and wish him a Happy Birthday!!  Everyone had a GREAT day! 
When we got there Johanna wrapped her arms around James and just squeezed him for 10 minutes.. 'I WUV oo Daddy!'  He's been missed! :)
The kids loved playing in the lake
The kids thought it was so great to eat ramen noodles... Rachel said 'This is like the best stuff I've EVER eaten in my whole entire life!!'  Why do I try so hard making everything from scratch when such happiness can be found in instant noodles??  Johanna ate and then curled up with her blanket right there on the table for her afternoon nap ~ gotta love that ability to sleep whenever/however.
Keep praying for our friends Megan, Tabitha & Micah.  They are AMAZING and do such a fantastic job helping, serving and talking with the Russian young people.  Pray for wisdom and physical strength and health for them.. it is not easy living out in the boonies for 10 days.
The view from the meeting area.. just gorgeous.
I'm always impressed to see how they build the kitchen, eating tables, benches ~ very creative
That evening enjoying mushroom soup they had picked themselves in the woods.
Getting ready for capture the flag
The victorious red team!

Please continue to pray the rain away.  The forecast is scattered showers the next 8 days - yikes!  James said the camp is going very well.  Many new young men who have never come to camp before are really enjoying camp life.  None of them have ever read a Bible and say they don't believe God even exists;  and yet James said they have been listening very intensely during each morning and evening Bible session.  Please pray for God to work in these lives.  I know God is faithful and HE is at work this week. Can't wait to give you another update this weekend when they return.  


Rebecca said...

Oh I wish I were there again this year! I've been thinking about Russia a lot lately and wishing I could go back! I'm so glad to see things are going well for you all. I'll be praying for the young people to be open to the gospel.

dauzh said...

Susan, it's Tim Peters here. Hey, Jean Laurent and his buddy are headed your direction tomorrow. Can you SMS either your cell phone number or James' cell phone number to him at +41 (78) 851-2168? Either that or shoot me an e-mail with the numbers and I'll sms them to Jean Laurent myself.


Tim Peters

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