Monday, July 28, 2008

Please pray for Susan

Last Friday Susan had a biopsy of her thyroid glands.. we knew that 95% of the time these nodules on the thyroid are benign so we tried to not get too stressed.  Today we went back to the Dr. for the results and were told she has papillary thyroid cancer.  I must confess when you have four little precious children and haven't even hit 40 hearing you have the *C* word can be quite scary.  

The good news in all this ~ there are four types of thyroid cancer and papillary is the easiest to treat and has an excellent chance of a full recovery.  So we got back from the Doctor and have tried to sort through the dozens of decisions that have to be made by.. tomorrow.  1. Where to have the surgery ~ Russia or America?  2. If we choose the States does Susan go alone or do we drag the whole family along for the ride?  3. What hospital/Dr. do we choose?  What did we do before Google?! :)   Right now we are leaning toward Dr. Anders Rosendahl of the Thyroid Cancer Clinic in Austin, Texas.  If anyone out there has any information or personal experience with Dr. Rosendahl we'd greatly appreciate you contacting us.  We also are thinking about the possibility of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.. if anyone has some personal experience there please pass on any good Dr. referrals.  

So please pray for our family to have wisdom and peace as we make so many decisions.   One thing that was a huge encouragement to me the day before the biopsy was getting this in my e-mail 'What is needed then is to see God is everything, and to receive everything directly from HIS hands, with no intervention of second causes... to the children of God everything comes directly from their Father's hand, no matter who or what may have been the apparent agents.'  Hannah Whitall Smith.   I'm having trouble getting a link to work, but you can read the entire article at  scroll down to 'when bad things happen'.

Thank you for your love and prayers for our family during this difficult time.


Heather Mitchell said...

Susan and your family have my fervent prayers.

Psalm 5:3
In the morning, O LORD, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in EXPECTATION.

Phyllis said...

Oh, Susan! I don't even know what to say, except that we're praying. We're all (Sullivans included) going to have a time of prayer for you in just a minute here.

TX Shortmom said...

Susan, our prayer is that you and your family will feel the presence of the Lord in the upcoming days.

Tina Nash
First Baptist, Borger family

TeamBettendorf said...

Not sure what type of biopsy she had but if it was a fine needle aspirate you need to know that quite frequently those come back as false positives.

Not having a thyroid is no fun. Please join the ThyCa group at Yahoo groups if you are able and ask lots of questions there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan and family,

Will be praying for you all! God still does miracles today! May His presense be felt in a special way during this time, and may He give you wisdom and peace in making all the necessary decisions.

Love and prayers,

Scott and Oksana Sobie said...

Susan, please know that you you, James and your dear children are in our prayers. May God sustain you and give you His peace through this time. "I will not fear, though the earth be moved.." May God give you that victory. We're praying! With love in Christ, Scott and Oksana Sobie

FourMileFarm said...

Hello Beaird Family!
We are praying for all of you during this difficult time. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know!
The Koepke Family

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Today, I joined Jesus's prayers for you, He who ever lives to make intercession for us...
Jesus shines through you and He dazzles.
All's grace,

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, James and children - The Stateside Hunsuckers will be keeping you all in our prayers. In His Love, Julie, Bernie and Abby Hunsucker

Anonymous said...

Dear Beaird's
We are so sad and sorry to hear this news.
You will be in our prayers, we really hope the best for you.
You are all in our hearts.

Jean-Laurent and David

Carlina said...

Susan, I am praying for you, too! I hear you may be returning to Kerrville. If you do, please contact me. I want to serve you HOWEVER I can — be it meals, sitting for the kids when/if you have to go to doctor appointments. Please, please let me know how I can help ... and I have a church waiting to do the same.

Carlina Villalpando (remember me from the newspaper in Kerrville?) ... (325) 320-2215

Anonymous said...


I know we don't know each other, but I am a friend of Abby Prescott. I live in Austin, and have 4 kids as well. I would love to help you guys in any way I can, maybe watching your kids for you or something. My mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a couple of years ago, so I kinda know what your going through. You're in my prayers.
~peggy 512.565.6560

Lisa L said...

Our family is praying for you, Susan and the whole family. I called my brother, Craig, yesterday to let him know and he thanked me and said he would be praying, too.

I am putting you on our S.S. class prayer list, too.

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