Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Health Update

I apologize for not updating this sooner.. every single time I sat down to write I was stuck with brain fog... plus there were soooo many factors up in the air I wanted to wait until something was concrete.

So to catch you up.. after surgery you enter a waiting period until your TSH level (thyroid hormone) gets above 40.  (a normal TSH level is like somewhere between 0 - 2, over that and you feel yucky.)  Some people wait weeks to get their numbers above 40.  I had my first visit with my Endocrinologist last Friday and had lots of bloodwork done.  We were quite surprised to find out my TSH went to 98 in 10 days!  So although the affect is I feel terrible, the good news from that is I could proceed immediately to the next stage of treatment ~ radioactive iodine.  (haha I feel like I'm writing about monopoly)

So tomorrow morning I go in to drink a teeny tiny bit of radioactive iodine.  Then Friday I will have a whole body scan.  They will use this whole body scan as a *marker* to determine the dosage of radioactive iodine I will receive next Tuesday.   I asked the Doctor what would be the procedure if the whole body scan came back completely clean with not one single 'lit up spot'.   She replied 'in 35 years of practice I've only seen it twice so don't count on it.'  So that has given me a new prayer request - a completely clean whole body scan.  For some reason I just love hearing the words 'that never happens'  :)   because then if it does God gets all the glory not the Doctors ~ heh!   So if you would join me in prayer for great results of the whole body scan that would be greatly appreciated.   One note I received from the prayer room up in Borger read Ps. 101:15 'Do not touch my anointed ones.' We are claiming this verse for you.  I am praying for nothing when they do the body scan - totally clear!'  Can you imagine getting all sorts of notes saying things like that ~ what a HUGE encouragement.

Our family is overwhelmed at the love, letters, meals and acts of kindness we have received from brothers & sisters in Christ and total strangers.  Seriously, I could write a whole epistle - our family will never forget the past 3 weeks.  Our lives were certainly turned upside down and yet as we wake up each day and keep 'doing the next thing' as Elizabeth Elliot always says, we have been amazed at the grace and peace we've been given.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Valerie said...

Susan, I've been checking the site every day since your surgery and am so glad to see your new update. Thanks for working despite the discomfort to post about your progress. May the Lord continue to grant you His grace, comfort and healing.

Valerie Crawford

sethswifeforlife said...

wow, Susan. God is gracious. I will lift up that same prayer to Him. May He receive the glory in what HE is doing in your life and in your body physically.
Please do not hesitate to email if you guys need anything or help with the kids, or whatever. Are you still in the kerville area, or in Austin?
Please do let me know if we can do anything.

Phyllis' mom said...

Praying for an absolutely clear scan....I also have been checking at least daily for updates and greatly appreciate this one.

(Phyllis and Asya have been in Odessa for several days with Julie who has been awaiting her visa.)

May our Lord give each of you peace and comfort today.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Such faith is built on His provisions and care through any and everyone...the attitude is what also can sustain us sounds as if your doing very well, praise GOD!

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